The team

2009-04-23: Creation of the concept Empreinte Photovoltaïque zero©.

Guy de Maillé

2020-12-07: IDOM joins the engineering and environmental impact studies team and renews its collaboration on 19-01-2024 for Green Concept Management’s large AgriVitiVoltaic projects in Spain.

IDOM is an independent global engineering services company founded in 1957 and based on a partnership. IDOM is actively working on renewable energy projects such as solar power plants, wind farms, geothermal, biomass and WTE plants. We are really looking forward to our collaboration with Green Concept Management to make AgriVoltaic projects a real and sustainable solution to achieve renewable and rural goals.

David Pifarre
P V Projects Director

2024-04-11: APAVE joins the Planning and Environment team and renews its collaboration for the large AgriVitiVoltaïque Magno 16 project in Gironde, France.

Our territories are constantly evolving, forcing us to adapt our environmental practices. Green Concept Management is aware of this and supports the energy transition through innovative viticulture and solar energy projects.
In addition to contributing to the modernization of the energy mix, GCM also wishes to provide alternative agricultural solutions that will allow, above all, to maintain the activity of farms in a wine-growing context under pressure.
Apave brings its expertise in the field of environmental and ecological regulatory studies to ensure that these projects are carried out with the least possible impact.

Head of the Development/Environment Group – Conseil Sud Ouest

2024-02-01: CEO ConCom – Constructor referenced Green Concept Management Renews its commitment

From the first moment I was introduced to Green Concept’s business project, I was captivated.
I understood that it would be the sustainable future of photovoltaic installations of a certain size.
I considered both the design of its implementations and the business model as an integrating, socially sustainable and environmentally friendly system.

Josep Padro

2024-01-01: External R&D advisor – Josep Poch joins Green Concept Management’s team of advisors

Green Concept Management is just a clean energy project vital for our planet?
No, it is not just another project,
It is to take care of the human aspect by giving the tools to those who cultivate our fields to stay on their land, because guaranteeing their future is also guaranteeing ours.
What greater motivation to support Green Concept Management’s intelligent and humane sustainable project?

2024-05-03: Samsø, referral counsel for Green Concept Management

Empreinte Photovoltaïque Zero© is the instrument through which to give value to the territory, enable renewable development, and ensure food sovereignty. In addition, we believe in projects with a return to the territory and its people, and the proposal we are working on is oriented towards this. Agrovoltaics for farmers and territorial development

Joan Herrera

2024-05-03: Samsø, referral counsel for Green Concept Management

The real change is the one that materializes. Empreinte Photovoltaïque Zero© is a firm, concrete and decisive commitment to ensure that the photovoltaic development that we all need is expressly compatible with agriculture in the same space, and also generates a concrete and tangible return to the territory. There is a lot of work behind Empreinte Photovoltaïque Zero© and that is why SAMSØ is very pleased to be able to assist in its legal structuring in Spain.

Jorge Andrey

2022-12-15: Responsible webmaster, renews his commitment.

I am Joel Martinez
Since 2020 I have been collaborating with GREEN CONCEPT MANAGEMENT in their struggle to improve the quality of life not only of farmers, but of the general population by working on a revolutionary concept in the promotion of renewable energies. Their constant struggle for the general interest is a sign that it is possible to work with objectives beyond selfishly generating wealth.

Joel Martinez
Responsible webmaster