Supplementing farm income

The “AgroVoltaica” proposal is now available.

Agricultural areas are compatible with solar photovoltaic plants. This is emphasized by those in favor of the simultaneous use of agricultural land and the production of solar electricity. Guy de Maillé, head of Green Concept, is promoting the construction of photovoltaic parks that seek to combine these two activities.
“The proposals we have put forward envisage giving participation and benefits to the farmer, as well as to the local administration; and all this without forgetting the guarantees of disassembly,” says De Maillé.
In total, your company is promoting 20 “AgroVitiVoltaicos” projects of between 5 and 40 hectares (with a total area of 500 ha), an installed capacity of 378 MW and an investment of 283.5 million euros.
The most unique element of this proposal is its willingness to integrate agricultural crops. “I think clean energy can be a great ally of agriculture. In the strip of land between solar panels, you can keep certain crops such as lettuce, artichokes or onions,” says Guy de Maillé.
This developer wants to preferably use land that has been subject to a certain degree of landscape degradation (areas near power lines, highways, industrial zones) for its parks.
The developers pay the owners of the leased land a fee of 3,000 euros per hectare per year to dispose of the site. “The goal is to improve farmers’ incomes, help retired farmers and young farmers, and even dispense with subsidies,” says De Maillé.

“You can’t do these renewable energy developments without involving the stakeholders of the territory,” summarizes the entrepreneur.
The developers give full guarantees for the dismantling (disassembly, recycling of components and restoration of the land) of the facilities on the day they cease to operate, either because the lease has expired or because they must be removed because they are obsolete.