Agriculture joins forces with photovoltaic energy
Agriculture joins forces with photovoltaic energy

In the past, no one would have believed that the agro-industry (the sum of agriculture and solar energy) was possible and that it would be important enough to enable the agricultural sector to survive on land increasingly degraded by conventional photovoltaic exploitation.

“A company plans solar parks compatible with agricultural activity”.

The company Green Concept Management has gone a step further and has launched an innovative and pioneering project in Spain in the field of agriculture and photovoltaic energy. This involves the construction of three photovoltaic parks on the same land used for cultivation and farming, without the two activities being incompatible, thanks to the higher placement of the solar panels, which are also adjustable.

Projected in the towns of Juià (Gerona) and Folgueres (Barcelona). These parks want to be built with a clear objective: to save agriculture. And not only in order to save agriculture itself, but also to give a boost to green energies and thus be able to adapt the natural environment to a global and lasting sustainability.

The project already has the backing of the French authorities and the Generalitat de Catalunya in terms of landscape integration and is based on a sustainable and lasting agricultural development plan, always consistent with the area and the social needs of where it is proposed to be carried out.

In the words of Guy de Maillé, Green Concept’s managing director, “It is not the agricultural world that should be used for the promotion of solar energies, but the solar photovoltaic industry that should be used to revive and perpetuate an essential and forgotten sector of activity such as agriculture.“.

With an investment of around 49 million euros and an estimated electricity production equivalent to the electricity consumption of 12,000 homes, Green Concept Management points out the minimal environmental impact of the installation thanks to the screw-in structure instead of the traditional concrete.