They plan a photovoltaic park in Folgueroles that will be compatible with agricultural crops and pastures

It is promoted by the multinational Green Concept Management and the goal is to make it work next fall.

The Folgueroles facility would be located near the electrical substation.

Guillem Freixa

The new regulation on the generation of solar energy has reactivated the creation of photovoltaic parks in Spain, since, once again, the sale of electricity to the general energy network allows an economic return to be made to whoever makes this investment.

This situation has led in recent months, and especially in rural areas, owners of large tracts of land to decide to fill their old fields or pasture with solar panels, with the idea that with less expense than a farm or livestock you can get more profit.
Faced with a scenario that can encourage the abandonment of agriculture, the director of the multinational Gren Concept Management, Guy de Maillé, explains that they have worked “on a solar energy project that helps to boost it”

The evolution in the technology of solar panels with less quantity can generate the same energy as before with much, as well as the new state regulations “make it possible”.

The proposal is a photovoltaic park “with the highest panels and airships and a space between each comma structure of at least eight meters and eighty centimeters.

This design of the installation allows chickens, bee hives, goats, sheep or even cows to be placed in the areas under the panels. ”

On the other hand, the space between panels is sufficient to grow vegetables, without any negative impact, “says the initiator of the initiative, Guy Maillé.

The project, which has begun to be developed in two areas of Juià (Gironès) and a third in Folgueroles, has an initial budget of 20 million euros. The multicional based in France, Angalterra and Barcelona. Green Concept Management, shows priority to be located in rural areas that have suffered a degradation of the landscape “such as the passage of a highway or a large power line.”

In the case of Folgueroles, the chosen sites would be next to the transverse axis and close to the electrical substation located at kilometer 184, although it was not fully specified.

From the town hall of folguerolenc mayor, Xavier Roviró, confirms that they have proof of this project “and several more related to solar energy” and that they should study all the proposals well.



With an extension of 26 hectares and a total power of 14 megawatts (MW), the intention is that it be put into operation in the autumn of 2021.

The owner where the solar installation will be located will receive financial compensation in the form of rent, and in the event that he does not want to be responsible for the agricultural or livestock operation, “we will contact the surrounding municipalities to find citizens who may be interested ”

On the other hand, the project promoted by Green Concept Management also includes a contribution of 1,500 euros per MW per year, which will go to the nearest existing agricultural holding, with the aim of helping more farmers in the area and making it more of a job profitable and attractive.