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The cleanest path …

The development of renewable energies (wind, solar photovoltaic …) has suffered numerous setbacks in Catalonia and has been blocked by multiple factors, such as excessive bureaucratization or unnecessary restrictions that have stifled many initiatives.
In this sense, the new decree implementing the Government’s renewable sources has created very favorable expectations that invite optimism. And it is important that these hopes are not dashed again. The interest aroused now by investments in this field shows that there are circumstances in which to rely on the take-off of these clean energy sources.
It is convenient to welcome projects that are committed to the correct integration of these facilities in the natural environment.
Photovoltaic solar energy can be a good complement to agricultural incomes and does not have to be in contradiction with the protection of truly valuable agricultural spaces.

Catalonia cannot be left out of global initiatives to dispense with conventional energies and channel the decarbonisation of the economy. “